10 things We Love about Italy!

Have you watched the Perennial Plate? This duo publishes amazing short videos about food producers from around the world, and they have won a few awards from the prestigious James Beard Foundation.

Here is one of my favorite videos, "10 Things We Love about Italy." Careful - you will definitely get hungry after you watch this video...


Guess what they feature? You only get one guess.... yup that's right!

But they aren't talking about that $2 Safeway's stuff which is full of caramels and wine vinegar... They are talking about the real deal, like what you get here at La Resdora. Made from 100% mosto cotto (cooked grapes) and aged in wooden barrels for years, carefully monitored by a Master Acetaio, like the one you see here in the video! With same day fulfillment, order a bottle and enjoy by the spoonful in just a few days.