About Us

La Resdora finds the best tasting products, made using simple ingredients and authentic production techniques.


Who is a Resdora? In Emiligia-Romagna, Italy, she was the head of the kitchen. Her cooking skills were constantly improved through critical discussion. She was competitive about making the best version of a dish, but stayed within the established culinary tradition. And, through her cooking skills, she emerged as a guardian of the region's rich traditional cuisine.

We aim to only make products that would meet a Resdora's approval.

We are a family company, with roots in Modena, Italy, and we want to bring the best of the products we find through our culinary adventures to your table.


Photo credit: @pinguash
Resdora info:  2008 : "Food, Family and Tradition in North Italy" in David Berris, David Sutton, eds., The Restaurants Book: ethnographies of where people eat